Please Note:  The breeders/members listed in this directory are in good standing with the Basenji Club of Northern California; however they are independent breeders with varying sales arrangements. It is up to the puppy buyer to find the arrangement that is suitable to him/her.  Buyers should be certain to check all matters relating to AKC registration, health and health testing, quality, and stud arrangements with breeders, sellers, or stud dog owners before making any decision. The Basenji Club of Northern California does not guarantee the products or services of any breeder.


NOTE:  BCONC recommends that all Basenjis be DNA tested for Fanconi with the direct test before breeding along with other health testing.

Learn about DNA testing at or verify results at


Cupertino, Ca

Marianne Klinkowski - Naharin


408 446 0604


El Sobrante, Ca

Pat Cembura - Arubmec


510 222 3989


Livermore, Ca

Terri Gavaletz - Bushbabies

925 447 8398 


Pleasanton, Ca

Pat Fragassi - Tanza


925 846 9204


Vacaville, Ca

Joni Boese - Shika


916 572 0124